SCANDINAVIAN DESIGNS is owned by Nordic Brand House ApS 

us Scandinavian Designs, we have gathered a selection of Nordic design products, which together reflect some current trends in the Nordic design scene, where a conscious attitude to quality, ecological sustainability and creative renewal characterizes the development.

Regardless of the size of your home, the home must be able to fulfill many functions. There must be opportunity and space to work at the computer, socialize with friends, eat, relax and sleep. At Scandinavian Designs, we give you the opportunity to create the home you want, no matter what color you prefer, Scandinavian Design's flexible furniture gives you the freedom to create your own expression through beautiful Scandinavian design.

Therefore, we will try to create a design universe so that you can be inspired at any time at Scandinavian Designs. The goal is to provide quality products that the user can identify with and use with pleasure.

For more and more design-based Nordic companies, design has become a source for creating quality and innovation. In addition, Scandinavian Designs emphasizes ergonomics, functionality and flexibility, which are guiding principles for today's design.

Our customers are always at the center, which is why we do not compromise on the overall experience, where the fusion between the product, the service, the technology, the design, the user-friendliness and the communication goes up in a higher unit.